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2021 Pool



The Town of Vulcan and Vulcan Lions Club partnered together on this huge project, which cost over $5 million to complete.  The Vulcan Lions Club committed to raise funds to assist the Town of Vulcan to cover the cost of the pool.  Our Lions Club started fundraising in June of 2016 and, thanks to the wonderful financial support from individuals, businesses, corporations and not-for-profit groups, we were able to raise over a million dollar towards this community project.


The new Vulcan Lions Community swimming pool was completed last spring, opened to the public on May 24, 2021 and officially opened on July 1st, 2021. This event coincided with the Canada Day Celebration and included speeches from MLA Joseph Schow, MP Martin Shield and Ron Markert from our Lions Club. Mayor Tom Grant acted as the Master of Ceremony. Ribbon cutting was performed by Mrs. Marjorie Stephen, one of the major new swimming pool donors, and Mr. Gene Waskiewich who was the Town Manager when the second swimming pool was built.


In addition to a day of free fun cavorting in the swimming pool and zipping down the amazing water slides, a “Beef on a Bun” lunch was hosted by the Lions Club.

Thank you everyone who came to participate in this wonderful day with us.


1977 Vulcan Pool

The prior pool in the Town of Vulcan was opened on June 25, 1977. The cost of that swimming pool was $275,000.  It was funded by the Vulcan Lions Club as well as by various grants which were researched and applied for by the Town Recreation Director at that time, Ron Pelham; one of which was a matching government grant that helped employ many local citizens. Countless volunteer hours were also provided by community residents to complete the project.  

After having serviced our community for over 40 years, the swimming pool was closed in 2020 due to water and chemical leaks and mold in the changerooms. The maintenance had become unmanageable and expensive. Although the Town of Vulcan did an exceptional job maintaining it as long as they did, the proper long-term solution was to replace it.​


1946 Vulcan Pool


The original swimming pool  in the Town of Vulcan was opened on May 26, 1946 and was located in Memorial Park.  Built and fully paid for by the Vulcan Lions Club at a cost of $25000, this swimming pool served the Vulcan community for over 30 years. There again, without the contribution in labor and financial support from the local citizens and businesses, this project could not have been undertaken or completed.  

© 2020 Vulcan Lions Club. 

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