Product Introduction

PLD-C1-2U is the control core of PROD Intelligent Home control system, hereinafter referred to as the host, according to the different scale of the project, can be divided into single network system and multi-network system, single network system is formed by a single host control system, generally applicable to home theater, Suite smart home; multi-network system refers to in the composition of more than 2 hosts, one of the main control, other hosts for the control, suitable for large villas, building intelligent control and so on need multiple host coordinated control of the project, the host is suitable for standard switch cabinet installation. 

PLD-C1-2UP series smart host
Product Parameters
Network interface: Host dual-network port design, intranet network port inet, external network port enet, dual network port support 10/100MBPS,IEEE802.1,TCP/IP, UDP communication. The main function of Enet is to serve as a mobile control terminal access c
Crodigy Bus interface cp-bus:24v, A, B, G
IR/Serial interface: 5 infrared ports, used to control infrared equipment. Infrared supported send frequency of 38KHZ
I/O1~8 interface: a 9-pin 3.5mm detachable green terminal, 1 / 8 as the signal input positive pole, 9 as the input G. When it is configured for dry contact signal input, it supports third-party reset panel, alarm and other signals; when configured for wet
Relay Interface: 8 Weak power relay port, each relay maximum support 2AMP, support 0~24vdc/vac
audio interface: 1 Lotus head output, RCA interface, level 2Vrms, for linkage output alarm sound source
debug: Programmer Debugging Serial Port 1 TX, RX, G. For reading chip information
power input port: 24VDC, rated current 1.5A MAX
appearance size: Long 400mm, deep 200mm, high 88mm
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